Power and Heart Rate Testing

If you want to make the most of your power meter or heart rate monitor, undertaking a base line test is essential.

CoLab offers Functional Threshold Power (FTP) testing, Lactate Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR) testing as well as Power Profiling.
Your test results include a breakdown of your power or heart rate training zones which can then be used to design an individual training program.

CoLab uses standardised protocols and the latest technology to ensure your test is accurate and reliable.

You can use your own bike or take advantage of CoLab's state of the art Wattbike Pro.

To book a test or find out more, email geoff@colabcoaching.com.au or call
0404 060 469

FTP or LTHR Test $69  
Retest $49
Power Profile Test $99


Every CoLab training plan is unique and designed in consultation with you.

The process starts with some questions about your cycling goals, current fitness, available time as well as work and family commitments.

From this information, a general outline of your plan is constructed and presented to you.  If needed this can be refined further before your training commences. 

To obtain a obligation free questionnaire, or if you would like more information, contact geoff@colabcoaching.com.au

$125.00 per month

This includes a training programme overview, detailed weekly training plan, on line session reviews and feedback, weekly phone catch up.



As a CoLab athlete, you are not alone. 

CoLab provides support to help ensure your training remains on target.

You will receive regular feedback regarding your training as well as advice regarding nutrition, recovery, stretching and motivation.

CoLab can also arrange group training and information sessions for corporate or other cycling groups.

For more information contact geoff@colabcoaching.com.au